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it-is-a-3-patch-problem said: They are coming. We hear their drums in the deep. We cannot escape. 

well that was unexpected.

Akon puts E! reporter in his place regarding Michael Jackson.

I had a dream last night where i started a pantless revolution. I went round the streets like ‘why are we subjecting ourselves to this heat? Come on brothers, join me… Lets take off our pants!” and then everyone was like “yeah, f*** the system!”

Someone send me an ask pleaase because I never ever ever get them ever and I’m bored :( I don’t bite :(



This Is beyond a joke now. Where can I find button eyes?! I’ve been searching for my entire life.
Come on Alexander vlahos fans, don’t let me down :(

http://vimeo.com/84414041   - enjoy!!

Watch out for alexandervlahos.net coming soon!

Thank you very much!

themusingsofateenagegirl said: We never speak, but I thought I'd wish you a happy birthday and ask you a question! If you could invite any person to your party (in the history of the world) who would it be? Mine would be Jesus, bc if I got some water- I could get free wine ayyyyyyy turn up 


Aww thank you so much! :D Ummmm probably Jesus for the same reason…or Toklien so I could just ask him question after question! <3 

But if you invited jesus he’d be sharing your food out with 5000 people and he’d give you the wine but he’d be like ‘this represents my blood’. He’d be a bit of a party pooper